The biggest gift of nature for optimal health

The biggest gift of Nature for optimal healthWhen it comes to achieving better health, most people think that they must resort to complicated solutions that involve pharmaceuticals.

But staying healthy is easier than most people think and can be achieved with natural solutions. In this article I will show you the biggest gift of nature for optimal health: Herbs.

What are herbs?

Herbs have been used for thousands of years as food as well as for medicinal or spiritual purposes.

Ancient Greeks used herbs to cure ailments and wounds. The Oracle of Delphi would achieve her spiritual clairvoyance by chewing bay leaves. Aesculapius and later, Hippocrates used herbs for their patients. Let us not forget that the knowledge of Hippocrates about human health and medicine was the base of Western Medicine as we know it today.

However, Ancient Greeks were not the only ones who used herbs for over 5000 years. The Chinese were particularly advanced in the use of herbs as part of T.C.M (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which is still practiced in Asia to treat people. Indians used them as part of the powerful Ayurvedic system of Medicine and their practices have survived the sands of time until today.

Everywhere in the world and in every culture there is a place for herbs. The power of herbs wasn’t only applied during ancient times. Even today, a lot of time is being invested in researching their properties and applications in medicine.

With the rise of modern medicine, people started idolizing the use of drugs and moved away from the traditional use of herbs.

Currently there is an entire holistic movement that is trying to educate people on the miraculous properties of herbs to help humanity upgrade its health and life quality.

The Benefits of Herbs

But why should someone use herbs?

Actually, herbs are a must for optimal health and should always be a part of your nutrition as they come packed with health benefits. Let’s take a look:

a. Wide range of active ingredients.

Herbs contain a wide range of ingredients that have multiple medicinal purposes: antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, phyto-steroids, hormonal mimetics (such as insulin mimetics in cinnamon) and other nutrients that can help with pain or even treat and eventually heal health problems.

b. Safety and biocompatibility

Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals, herbs can be used for longer periods of time and without the many side effects that chemical drugs have. This is because they tend to work synergistically in the body and help its existing functions, and not working in an invasive way.

So they can support the immune, adrenal, hormonal systems without overclocking them. An added benefit is that unlike pharmaceuticals, they do not cause addiction.

c. Protection against Inflammation.

Inflammation is the source of all diseases as we know them, from arthritis all the way to neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Herbs have amazing anti-inflammatory properties and can help protect against the ailments and diseases associated with inflammation.

d. Cancer-protective properties.

Herbs contain compounds that can shield from and even prevent cancer. Turmeric for example, contains curcumin which is a powerful antioxidant pathway stimulator. Western Medicine is currently contacting studies on the benefits of curcumin and its use against cancer.

Herbs are nature's biggest gift to mankind

Waste no more time!

e. Health enhancing properties

Herbs have multiple health enhancing properties. Some compounds can help lower cholesterol and even help with diabetes. Cinnamon is great for glucose optimization as it can lower blood sugar levels.

Others can promote relaxation and protect against anxiety (St. John’s Wort) while others can optimize sleep patterns (Valerian root).

f. Lower Price

Herbs are much cheaper than traditional drugs or dietary supplements. They can also be totally priceless (i.e. free) if you know which ones to use and where to find them in nature.

g. Bigger Availability

You do not need a prescription to buy them. Nor do you need to stand in line at a pharmacy. And if you cannot find them in a holistic or herbs store, they can be found in nature. Nature is a free pharmacy, open 24/7 for everyone.

Now that you know how beneficial herbs can be, it is also good to find out some of the precautions and rules of using herbs. But I will reveal that to you in my next article.

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by Nick Sigma SHF
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