The many health benefits of adaptogens!

Learn about all the benefits of adaptogens and how they can improve your health, give you vitality and energy while protecing you from high stress levels.In a previous article, we talked about the majestic category of herbs known as adaptogens. These herbs are better known for their ability to protect your from high stress levels!

In this one, we will take a look at 15 other benefits of adaptogens and how they can improve your health, give you vitality and energy!


Adaptogens act as tonics

Their job is to tonify the system, give strength to the weak whether that is the physical (body), emotional (mind) or the spiritual part of our being.

Adaptogens modulate the immune system

They do this by bringing it up when it is down (enhance) or bringing it down when it is hyperactive (harmonize).

Adaptogens optimize functions of our bodily organs

They can either protect an organ from damage, optimize its function or create balance among interactions between different organs.

Adaptogens optimize the cellular intake from nutrition

This means that our food is actually used as optimized fuel for creating or detoxing body cells.

Adaptogens detox and drain when overflow occurs in the system

This can relate to one organ (example kidneys or liver), an entire system (example lymphatic, endocrine, neurological) or the entire body as a whole (example immune system).

Adaptogens optimize oxygen uptake

Oxygen is life for our body. Stress reduces the proper intake of oxygen and use it for our bodily purposes. By regulating oxygen intake, adaptogens help us with our response to stress.

Adaptogens can optimize our blood circulation

They help by getting more blood everywhere (especially the heart and the brain) and even accelerate muscle repair, clean the blood and/or remove toxins. In some cases, they even help the body to build more blood.

Adaptogens can regulate insulin production

This means they can increase insulin resistance, which is a must for optimal health (physical or hormonal). That can be especially beneficial for diabetes patients.

Adaptogens increase protein synthesis

This means that they can rejuvenate the body by aiding with tissue (muscle) or ligament tissue development, repair and protection. That can also support the nervous system by reconstructing neurons.

Adaptogens have anti-aging properties

They can also protect against free radicals and prevent aging due to their strong antioxidant powers.

Adaptogens affect multiple pathways and can help protect against cancer

This happens due to their inflammation modulator properties in the body. At times of high inflammation, they reduce production of inflammatory pathways such as nf-kb or cox-2 and build our body’s protection against inflammation.

Adaptogens can support and optimize metabolism

By doing so, they can support muscle gain and improve muscle to fat ratio by burning excess fat instead of storing it. And vice versa.

Adaptogens can protect our brain

By assisting in hormonal balance, they protect us from brain damage (as result of stress, free radicals or other external or internal factors) which can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life even at an advanced age.

Adaptogens can protect and even heal adrenal fatigue

They can also help with low energy levels, low sexual energy and performance as well as adrenal fatigue by regulating stress hormones (epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol) as well as adrenaline production.

Adaptogens can help with emotional problems such as anxiety and depression

Adaptogens are able to optimize hormonal production and establish hormonal balance. When this happens, serotonin and dopamine levels normalize which can lead to better mood and thus lowers the effects of anxiety and depression in both healthy and people with such conditions.

As you can understand from this short list, proper use of adaptogens can heal, protect and lead to a healthy and long life.

So are adaptogens stimulants?

I cannot answer the question with a definite yes or a no. They can have stimulative properties but they do not work in the same way as caffeine does. You get all the benefits without the side effects associated with caffeine (addiction, headaches, dehydration, burn out etc).

This is because unlike normal stimulants which force the body to create a fight or flight  response (by acting on the sympathetic nervous system), adaptogens work with the body in order to normalize functions within by acting on the HPA axis instead.

They tend to act as modulators and their effect also depends on the current state of the user’s system. If the user has an overworking immune system, they will bring it down in order to maintain homeostasis and balance. If the user’s immune system is under-working, then they will bring it up.

Closing Thoughts

Adaptogens are a powerful group of herbs that can help us fight off stress and adrenal fatigue, increase our energy levels, help improve our mood and even assist with sexual health and libido. Using adaptogens in the right way will allow us to live happier, longer and stronger lives. I will be uploading in-depth articles on my favorite adaptogens so that you can also learn how to use them for a better life.

Have you experienced any benefits by using adaptogens? Which ones did you use and what did you experience? Share it with the world by leaving a comment below!

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by Nick Sigma


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