Not taking your vacation is fatal!

Learn why not taking your vacation is fatal for you and why some people do it anyway. Read the article on

In the olden days, mankind had only one task to accomplish on this earth! SURVIVAL! Their job was to get up, take a piss without getting eaten by something bigger than them, then go hunt something they could kill (without getting eaten by something bigger) and then go back home(cave), eat, procreate and sleep (again without getting eaten by something Continue Reading →

My vacation training log

My Vacation workout log

This is a very condensed version of the types of workouts that I did during my last vacation (which lasted 4 weeks) as mentioned in my previous article “How to work out while on vacation“. Here’s what I did: Daily Morning Routine Perform every day regardless if you do any of the workouts listed below. 1 round of my extended Continue Reading →

How to work out while on vacation

How to workout on vacation

If you love to work out, being away for such a long time can be a bit of an issue. Whether you are lifting iron, kettlebells or focusing on calisthenics or martial arts, you know that you are addicted to your physical game and you can’t wait to get back on it. This article will teach you how to work Continue Reading →

How to eat healthy while on vacation

How to eat healthy while on vacation

The idea behind this article is to show you that can still eat healthy while on vacation without making huge sacrifices. Bear in mind that it is important to stay open and enjoy yourself. Vacations should be connected with fun and must not be used for any kind of body-mind drills. While on vacation, you may find yourself in a Continue Reading →

9 ways to stay in shape while on vacation

Stay fit on vacation

Vacations are the most important part of our lives. The hectic world that we live in dictates that we must be excellent professionals which often leads people to overlook their vacations. Since we just entered Summertime and many of you out there are contemplating a getaway, I decided to share with you a few ways that will allow you to Continue Reading →