My vacation training log

This is a very condensed version of the types of workouts that I did during my last vacation (which lasted 4 weeks) as mentioned in my previous article “How to work out while on vacation“.

Here’s what I did:

Daily Morning Routine

Perform every day regardless if you do any of the workouts listed below.

  • 1 round of my extended Sun Salutation and a few isometrics every day.
    (My extended Surya Namaskar has around 40 asanas and lasts about 5-10 minutes.)

If you are familiar with yoga, perform the regular Sun Salutation 5 to 10 times. Otherwise do a small 5-minute session of stretching, starting from your hands, then your core and finally your legs.

This is a great way to wake up your body and start your day energized. Can also be combined with the workouts below: do this at the start of your workout as a warm up or at the end of your session as a cool-down for better recovery.


For those familiar with yoga, inversion poses are a must when working out by the beach.

Weekly Workout Overview

Workout A: (Can be performed twice per week)

This is a low intensity workout which focuses on getting a good pump and feeling the muscles.
Do this workout twice per week if you are over 35. Perform every day if you are under 35.

1 semi-intense calisthenics session (about 30 minutes):

  • 2 sets Cossacks or hindu squats, (minimum of 50,max of 100 depending on how I felt)
  • 2 sets handstand or 1-arm/1-leg pushups and (min of 10, max of 20)
  • 1 set of 3-minute Neck bridge hold.

Workout B: (Can be performed once per week)

This is a medium intensity workout which focuses on strength and skill mostly.
Do this workout only once per week if you are over 35. Perform twice per week if you are under 35.

1 gymnastics-based session per week (about 15-20 minutes):

  • 3-4 sets of Peacocks and Pseudo-planches
  • 2 sets of Cossacks or spiderman crawls. (min of 50, max of 100)
  • 2 sets of Leg lift isometrics Left-Right and both for 3-5 seconds
    (This exercise is a preparation for Leg Straddle)

I hope you enjoyed my vacation training log and that these workouts give you an idea of what you can do while on vacation to keep your muscle and stay in shape.

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by Nick Sigma SHF

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