20 Cheap ways to lose fat and stay healthy!

Most people think that losing weight is always quite expensive. We have all been down that road. Some people buy loads of expensive supplements that don’t work. Others start buying exotic fruits and meats, which of course can be expensive as well. But what if we used something cheaper in order to avoid all these expensive buys and still got Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Holism and Wellness (and why they are important for your health!)

In this Introduction to #Holism and #Wellness you will learn the connection between the 2 for optimal #health.

In this article I wish to give an introduction to Holism and Wellness as they are important and can greatly influence the quality of our lives and health. The concepts of holistic practices and the wellness movement have recently risen to fame after almost a decade of development and have been able to massively impact people’s lives. Such practices have Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Energy Drinks and its many ingredients!

Learn about the many Dangers of Energy Drinks and how they can compromise your health! #energydrinksareevil

We live in a demanding society which enforces very rapid rhythms of living upon us. Our social life is now made up of small pieces that would otherwise require our undivided attention to make progress. For example, being a mother has always been a full time job. The mom used to stay at home and take care of the kids Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners… and why you should avoid them!

Learn about the many Dangers of Energy Drinks and how they can compromise your health! Knowledge is the first step to healing so start reading now!

If you are into health and fitness or just trying to lose weight, you are most likely to be using products that are sugar-free. I have spoken about the dangers of sugar in another article (you can read it here) however there is another elephant in the room that needs to be addressed first: artificial sweeteners.   What are Artificial Continue Reading →

How to eliminate sugar from your life (Carb basics pt 5)

Read about the 15 steps you need to take in order to fully eliminate sugar from your life and successfully meet your weight management goals.

This is my last section on carb basics. Make sure you read the first 4 parts by clicking on the links here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Before we begin this article, there is something I need to say one more time: Sugar is a highly addictive substance, 10 times more addicting than cocaine. It is also Continue Reading →

Not taking your vacation is fatal!

Learn why not taking your vacation is fatal for you and why some people do it anyway. Read the article on StrongHealthyAndFree.com

In the olden days, mankind had only one task to accomplish on this earth! SURVIVAL! Their job was to get up, take a piss without getting eaten by something bigger than them, then go hunt something they could kill (without getting eaten by something bigger) and then go back home(cave), eat, procreate and sleep (again without getting eaten by something Continue Reading →

9 ways to remove envy and elevate your spirit

This article will show you 9 ways to remove envy and elevate your spirit in order to live a life that is truly strong, healthy and free!

In your search for true freedom, you will often run into unknown friends and known enemies. One of these said enemies is Envy. Envy (also known as jealousy) is a very normal human trait to have. Everyone has been in a position where we feel the stabbing fork of jealousy in their gut when someone has outperformed them or has Continue Reading →

21 simple ways to fix your sleep problems

Can't sleep at night? Here are 21 simple ways to fix your sleep.

In the previous article you read my introduction to sleep hygiene and the causes behind irregular sleep patterns and insomnia. In this article, I will give 21 simple ways to fix your sleep problems in order to get all its benefits and to be able to enjoy your life during the time that you are actually awake.   Let’s get Continue Reading →

4 reasons why you can’t sleep

Here's 4 reasons why you can't sleep. Also find out if you are sleep deprived!

Today’s article is a small intro to sleep hygiene where I will also reveal 4 reasons why you can’t sleep. It also includes a small test to check if you are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is something that haunts most people today and yet most of us are not even aware of this fact.   What is sleep? Sleep is Continue Reading →

How I won against my night-time anxiety

Find out how I won against my night-time anxiety with this small guide and you will be able to free yourself from a condition that can destroy your health.

A couple of years ago, I found myself fighting an uneven battle. A battle that would test even those with the strongest of wills and mind-power: The fight against night-time anxiety. The mechanism differs from person to person. In this article I would like to share my experience and how I won against night anxiety. This type of anxiety creates Continue Reading →