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My initial wish for this website was to openly (and for free) educate anyone who visits this space. That being said, there have been many personal requests from people who wanted to work directly with me on several matters so I decided to make my coaching services available online.

If you have reached this page it means that you have already taken the first step to improving your current situation and living your dreams. WELL DONE! Now let’s take a look at the services that I currently offer and how you can hire me.

How Does it Work?

First of all let me mention once again that I am not a medical professional or a doctor: I do not treat, diagnose or heal people or offer medical advice. Your doctor is still the only person you should talk to when it comes to illness-related issues. My goal is to coach healthy people on how to improve specific areas of their lives.

In each one of my consultations, I focus on educating people on how to approach their current situation. Knowledge is in fact a key element for proper health and a higher quality of living.
Together we will work on creating an easy-to-follow, long term strategy that will help you reach your goals and at the same time, I will create customized protocols that are ideal for your own unique situation.
I work in 1 hour sessions over Skype, Google hangouts or other online platforms. I have found this communication method to be both convenient and effective for people who are very busy or for stressed people who do not respond well to face to face sessions.

Depending on your situation, our first few sessions will be focused on doing a full intake and research of your current health status to identify problems and determine short and long term goals.

Then I will create the appropriate protocol and roadmap that will act as the baseline of the program that you will follow over the next sessions.

Services Offered

As a Holistic Health Coach, Supplements expert and Herbalist, I offer coaching on the following subjects:
  • Botanical use and protocols (Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbs),
  • Supplementation use and protocols,
  • Weight management,
  • Stress and anxiety management,
  • Nutritional coaching,
  • Fatigue and low energy levels,
  • Erectile dysfunction and low libido,
  • Fixing your sleep and sleep hygiene,
  • Yogic recovery protocols,
  • Hormone and Testosterone Optimization,
  • Healthy lifestyle counselling.

If you wish to be coached on any of the above modalities, use the Coaching Contact Form below to send me an inquiry to learn more about these services, my coaching process, my hourly rates and packages offered.

I look forward to working with you so that I can help you reach your goals and you can become Strong, Healthy and Free!

See you soon!

Nick Sigma SHF

Coaching Contact Form

The Coaching Contact Form is currently unavailable. There are no open slots available for coaching at this moment as I am fully booked.

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