How to make a healthy and balanced salad

Learn how to make a healthy and balanced salad that is healthy, nutritious and tasty in this article. Also find out which ingredients you must avoid.

I talked about the importance of eating vegetables and greens as part of a healthy nutritional plan in my previous article “Why you should eat your salad“. I mean let’s face it, salads are the only subject that vegans and paleo fanatics actually agree on! In this article, I will elaborate on the most important components of a nutritious salad, Continue Reading →

A Healthy and nutritious Breakfast

An amazing recipe for the most healthy and nutritious breakfast you ever had that will help you lose pounds while staying strong, healthy and free!

In my previous article “My Morning Routine” I briefly mentioned a healthy and nutritious breakfast that can helped make it through a long and busy day until a proper sit down meal. In today’s article you will learn how to make it yourself. This recipe is easy, fast to make and gives you all the protein, carbs and healthy fats that Continue Reading →

Fast, easy and healthy Noodles recipe

Learn how to make your own healthy noodles with this fast and easy recipe!

I love working out in the morning. The day before an intense workout, I always eat some good carbs at night so that I can sleep well and have energy for it. In this article, I will share a fast, easy and healthy noodles recipe that is equally tasteful. It literally takes 4 minutes to make and this is how Continue Reading →

How to make the healthiest protein shake ever

Learn how to make the healthiest protein shake ever

Every person has a morning routine. They get up, have breakfast and go to work. I did the same thing for years until I discovered a better breakfast to keep me energized and make it through another day. I tend to make 3 different kinds of shakes, depending on the day of the week. In this article you will learn Continue Reading →