About Nick Sigma

Holistic Health Coach and Eclectic Herbalist Nick Sigma is the founder and operator of StrongHealthyAndFree.com.

He started this website in order to help YOU battle STRESS and find the unspoken truth in health and wellness today. His vision is to share his knowledge with everyone worldwide and help them change their lives and meet their goals.

Nick has a few health-related stories to share. From a really young age and over the course of his life he faced many health challenges which included allergies, IBS, stunted growth, social anxiety, insomnia and a severe knee injury that almost cost him his leg at the turn of the century.

But Nick refused to give up. Through intense research on nutrition, workout techniques, trial and error he managed to fix his diet and regain all his lost muscle. He used herbs, supplements and meditation to fix his hormones and overcome his anxiety, insomnia and allergies. He implemented yoga and rehabilitation techniques to recover his strength, mobility and flexibility and got back on the training mat to wrestle opponents twice his size.

Over the course of the past 20 years he has worked as a personal trainer, Yoga Teacher and Self-Defense Instructor. He also holds several certifications in Wellness, Nutrition and Alternative Health such as:

  • Certified Wellness Coach (CWC – Spencer Institute)
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach (CHLC – Spencer Institute)
  • Certified Sleep Science Coach (CSSC – Spencer Institute)
  • Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist (LWMS – NESTA),
  • Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS – NESTA)
  • Registered Yoga Teacher (E-YRT 200 with specializations in Hatha, Kundalini, Chair and Seniors Yoga)
  • Certified Herbalist and more.

Now in his early 40s, he is finally stress-free and able to keep up with life’s high demands while still maintaining a muscular physique and great health through clean nutrition, yoga, gymnastics, kettlebells and experimentation with supps and herbs.

He coaches stressed people over the age of 35 about the benefits of herbs and how to use them to overcome stress and reach their mental, physical and health goals alongside proper nutrition, exercise, hormone optimization and lifestyle changes.

His moto is Live your life: strong, healthy and free”. You can connect with Nick Sigma on Google+

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