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StrongHealthyAndFree.com was created by Nick Sigma (C.W.C, E.H, 200YRT) who wanted to share the knowledge he accumulated over the last 20 years of his life on health, nutrition, herbs, supplements and exercise with YOU!Nick Sigma C.W.C

Currently in his 40s, he is on a mission to help you understand what strength, health and freedom (in all their forms) are truly about. Join him in this journey of growth as he walks the path less taken and learn how to live your life: strong, healthy and free!

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On this blog you will find in-depth information on:

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Mission Statement:

The ultimate goal of Strong,Healthy and Free is to help YOU, the reader, to find health, happiness and fulfillment in life.

Let’s take a look at the most important values that make up the blog’s name, what it truly stands for and a few other terms that you should be familiar with in order to keep up with the content:


In today’s world when people think about strength, they only think big muscles and accomplishments of physical strength. As important as physical strength may be it has lead us to became obsessed with how much we lift at the gym and some of us they lack the inner strength to do equally important things like pursue passions or stop anything that does work with your current way of life and to be able to change it. It is about making a stand for what you believe in.

Inner strength also known as mental strength or mental toughness, is the power to make it through difficult situations, the power of making hard decisions that will impact your life and the life of others.


There are different types of health and physical is only one of them.

Other types of health include (a few of them):

  • Mental health. Stress is a common reason why in today’s society mental health is deteriorating and giving way to anxiety and suffering.
  • Spiritual health. You may be healthy in all other areas but if your spirit is broken and bleeding, at some point of time this will have an effect in other aspects of your life.
  • Financial health is equally important. If you are in debt, chances are that you will be physically healthy for much longer.
  • Sexual health. Self explanatory.


Another multidimensional value.

We are all born free and slowly turn into submissive beings, unable to express their opinions, pursue dreams.

Secondary values are being forced down our throat as we are bombarded with a ultra high information diet. We are presented with so many choices and we find ourselves paralyzed which causes us to choose none.

I will cover the different types of freedom in a series of posts as it is something heavily misunderstood.

Freedom should always be our primary objective. Without this, we have no ‘real freedom of choice’, we cannot breathe and be healthy and we surely cannot be strong without it.


In a nutshell holism is the idea that in order for something to work properly, all of its components must be taken into account and all systems must be working together. This applies to anything in our universe and even appears in chemistry in the form of synergy.

When it comes to health, western medicine addresses only the physical part. Holistic health on the other hand examines all aspects of wellness and addresses all that require fixing in either the body, the mind or the spirit.

Here’s an example to help you understand the importance of holism a bit better:

Let’s say that your body is in optimal health and your spirit is strong. But if your mind is not in its place (example, you forget things, you lack focus or are too emotional) then this will have an effect on your body and spirit.

On the other hand if your body and mind are in top shape and your spirit is disconnected, you will find yourself lost or ungrounded, going through life without a purpose.

I think I don’t need to explain what happens when your mind and spirit are in top shape and your body is sick.


Wellness is another word that became very famous in the recent years. It is widely used as a term that contains different types of wellness: physical, mental, spiritual, professional, environmental etc.

No matter which aspect of wellness you wish to fix, the important concept that you must understand is that of balance. Without balance, nothing works.

For example, homeostasis is one of the body’s most important functions and its purpose is achieve the same state everywhere. It means achieving balance inside. To put it in fitness terms, when we try to lose fat, our body can ‘sense’ that it is losing fat and wants to keep itself in the ‘same state’ as it currently is. So it triggers mechanism that tries to stop fat loss in order to make that happen, i.e. to achieve homeostasis. Similar mechanism are in place for weight gain, muscle loss or gain.

A holistic approach to a happier & balanced existence

Bringing everything together, this website aims to educate you on how to strengthen every aspect of your life, your body, your mind, your knowledge, your spirit, your character, your freedom in order to achieve what I like to call a Balanced Existence, a true state of happiness where one can pursue and make dreams come true.

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