9 ways to remove envy and elevate your spirit

This article will show you 9 ways to remove envy and elevate your spirit in order to live a life that is truly strong, healthy and free!In your search for true freedom, you will often run into unknown friends and known enemies. One of these said enemies is Envy. Envy (also known as jealousy) is a very normal human trait to have.

Everyone has been in a position where we feel the stabbing fork of jealousy in their gut when someone has outperformed them or has had something they feel they should have instead.

But what really causes envy?

It begins with personal perspective. We often say “others make us jealous”, while in actuality we are getting jealous of other people.

It comes from the ego. Your ego reacts by saying ‘why that person and not me?’

Now that we can see what exactly it is, let us examine 9 ways to remove envy and elevate your spirit towards excellence, unity with our higher self and a happier and more balanced existence.

Accept jealousy for what it is and get inspired

When you find yourself feeling jealous, use it as an opportunity to see what you are missing, what you don’t have and work on getting just that.

At the same time, accept the fact that you don’t have it (i.e. it is missing), find out why you need it and how it will improve your life. If you cannot find an answer, you have no motivation to get it and therefore have no reason to be jealous in the first place.

Find out if that thing can actually work with or on you

Sometimes we tend to want what we do not need. Is it really important for us? Does it apply to your case?

And if you think so, can you use it? Or will it look good on us? Or have a place in our lives?

Answering all those questions will allow you to take the next step. So think hard and then decide!

It might sound silly but sometimes we are better having less than having more! People who have more than us aren’t always happier – they are just great at hiding it as it makes them look superior.

It takes time to learn how not to be jealous

Take your time. Rome was not built overnight and neither will your internal world. Brick by brick you will get there. Just as anything else, you need to work on your jealousy issues in order to get rid of them.

Understand that while others have something you don’t, you may also have things that they don’t. Find out what those are and you will be more at peace with yourself and with the world.

Understand who you are and accept your uniqueness

You are your own cosmos and the best person you have to prove that to is yourself.

Everyone else comes in second, you have absolutely nothing to prove to others. Never forget that.

Meditate on your problem

Meditation will allow you to find peace within you, improve your connection with your shining qualities and shield you from your bad habits. Make time in your day to meditate at least 10 minutes, every day.

Use Visualization

If you do not know how to meditate, all you need is the power of your imagination!

Visualize yourself being free from jealousy, being the superior person you want to be.

See yourself as you are, with all your qualities and traits, in front of that other person or those you are envious of.

Now imagine a golden light shining on you. This light will shield and protect you. It will make you stronger. It will help you to be the truly superior person that you already are, not in order to outshine but by feeling you are a part of the universe.

We are after all, one under the sun.

Understand more about the cause of your envy

Find out more things about the person you envy. Sometimes we might underestimate, overestimate or misunderstand a person. This can clear the air for you and paint a better picture not just about the particular person but of our whole world and surroundings.

Work on your insecurities

Try to discover new ways to empower yourself. Feeling small is sometimes the reason behind why we feel envious. If you know who you are and what you have, there is no reason to be jealous.

Learn to honestly congratulate others

Try to congratulate people you are jealous of and be honest about it. By doing so, you are actually practicing being the better person and thus building inner strengths which will help you overcome this problem or at least minimize it. You will also feel better when you are around this person.

You must however, be truly honest about it. Otherwise do not do it at all, it will only make things worse.

Closing Notes:

Envy can truly be a thorn in your side and hide your inner true beauty. Do not allow its nasty tentacles to take grasp on your soul by using these simple techniques to elevate yourself and your spirit to a higher level, to live a life that is pure and truly free.

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by Nick Sigma SHF


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