12 sugar filled foods to remove from your diet (Carb basics pt 4)

Learn why you must remove these 12 foods from your diet, in order to effectively optimize your health and maximize your fat loss capacity.In the previous parts, I explained what carbs are (part 1), the types of sugar (part 2) and healthy sugar alternatives (part 3). Before you read this article, make sure you go back and check them out as they contain essential information.


In this part, we will focus on how to remove sugar from your life, in order to optimize your health and maximize your fat loss capacity.


Introduction to Sugar Filled Foods

Sugar is the first thing to be added in a food to make it taste better (in other cases it’s salt). And that’s what the greedy money-making food industry does. By putting different kinds of sugars (like the ones we mentioned in the previous article), they make foods taste better, lower costs and also make them more addictive which keeps the sales high.

Let’s take a look at all the possible food candidates that contain this “lovely” ingredient:

Processed foods

Any type of processed grain (such as white rice, pasta etc) or food will have some type of sugar or salt. That, of course, includes pre-made or microwave meals.

Start with skipping any type of processed food that contains sugar including junk food (chips, snacks etc.)


The obvious suspect. If it’s sweet, it will have sugar (even though they might contain an artificial sweetener which is equally as bad). These can be candy bars, chocolates, bonbons, caramels, lollipops, chewing gum, even cough lozenges (see below).

It only makes sense to say that you should not be eating candy.

Medication and drugs

Even drugs tend to have sugar to make them taste less horrible.

Pay special attention when taking medication and drugs such as cough medication, syrups and pastilles.

Sodas, soft drinks and boxed juices

Yes, it’s in there. The sugar content in most soda and fizzy drinks ranges from half to 1 cup of sugar (depending on the size of the bottle). These sodas can kill your G.I tract and even create candida infections in your gut so it is a must that you eliminate these from your diet.

Boxed juices might sound healthy but they are not. Most of them have been pasteurized which means most of their vitamins and enzymes are gone. What you are left with is plain fructose. Focus on drinking freshly squeezed juices (within minutes of preparation). Make sure you do that in moderation.

Fake water products and sports drinks

These usually have names like ‘smart water’, ‘miracle water’ or ‘vitamin water’. It would be smart if you avoid them and a miracle if those get off the market.

If you think I am overreacting, check the label. You will be surprised at how many carbs (from sugar) this type of water has. Water is not supposed to have any carbs, I don’t care what you name it. Water should have only the following ingredients: H*2 + O. Period. You should be drinking plain water and none of these fake water products.

As for sports drinks and electrolyte solutions, these usually have glucose, dextrose, maltodextrin or all of the above plus electrolytes and they are geared towards athletes who spend more than 1+ hour doing intense exercise. So unless you run a marathon for over an hour, you shouldn’t be consuming these.

Cereal and Oatmeal Foods & Bars

This category includes all cereals, most oatmeal packs along with all the so-called healthy bars (granola and cereal bars).

These are PACKED with sugar. I don’t care how many vitamins they say they have (most of which are also toxic and synthetic), they are loaded with sugar. So if you think you are having a healthy breakfast when you eat cereal, think again.

And yes that even includes the innocent looking ‘healthy’ muesli cereals and oatmeals. Stick with bacon and eggs, nuts or even a steak. Your body will thank you.

Canned fruit

Most of them are canned in syrup. Syrup comes from sugar. Stick with eating normal fruit as they still have enzymes, vitamins and minerals that the canned versions do not.

Fat free stuff

If it says fat free, chances are (99% minimum) that it will be full of sugar to overcompensate the lack of fat, which by nature tends to be tasty.

Plus avoiding fat is not something you should be doing if you want to stay healthy (but that is a subject for another blog).


Usually targeting pasta lovers, these sauces (tomato sauce and other) are full of bad oils (trans fat), white salt and sugar.

Stick with making your own sauces from plain ol’ tomato and spices. It will be cheaper and much, much healthier.

Peanut butter or other nut butters

Nut butters on the market always contain sugar. If you want to stay healthy make sure you buy peanut butter that is 100% natural and the ingredients on the label do not list sugar.

Any type of bread

Bread has sugar in it. Avoid!

Condiments (especially Ketchup)

Most condiments contain some form of sugar with ketchup being the most dangerous of the lot. Ketchup contains a lot of sugar which is mostly GMO.

Try to find condiment alternatives that are either natural or contain natural sweeteners like stevia. In either case, using condiments in moderation is a good strategy.

Closing Notes

These are the 12 sugar filled foods to remove from your diet. Avoiding these foods will allow you to minimize the consumption of sugar so that you can get rid of this unhealthy nutritional habit and in that way shed unwanted pounds from fat.

Are you aware of any other foods that contain sugar and are not on this list? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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